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About Us

Trendi.dk is a website of Our Base Company.

We are a Video and Design Developer company placed in Denmark. We are Dreamvision Marketing Group and Alpha Video Production who have been on the market the last 40 years, from 2000 online too.

Here on Trendi.dk We are trying to focuse on what Trends the market has today. Both in Clothes, Styles and in Social Marketing too.

In Our shop there will be different products fro clothes to software and learning products. We are on Our way to setup a Member Portal too, here there will be a lot of Courses in different areas and discount of Learning Materials and Products.

Steen Sativa

SEO and Founder of
Dreamvision Marketing Group

Best Quality

We are looking out for the best products on the daily market, so We can deliver the best Quality to Our Customers

Best Offers

We are also looking for the best prices, as different Companies are selling near same stuff to different prices

Secure Payments

We are secure of Your purchase so every deal here is secured through Paypal or other similar Payment Gateways

Meet the Team

Jane Doe
Jane Doe

Marketing Specialist

William Henry
William Henry

Web Developer

Mary Fisher
Mary Fisher

UX / UI Designer

Tim Strifler
Tim Strifler

CEO / Founder