Most folks have a tendency to believe that aging and wrinkling are inevitable, but research has demonstrated that this isn't the case. Wrinkles can be reduced to a large percent. So as to reduce forehead wrinkles, there are a few helpful recommendations you want to apply.

Avoid intense sunlight exposure.

You must learn how to avoid longterm sunlight and apply some sun lotion if you really ought to be in direct exposure with daylight. Sunblock lotion prevents skin cancer and wrinkling too.

Don’t smoke!

Avoid smoking since it ages the skin by releasing enzymes that break down elastin and collagen which are both essential to skin maintenance.

Have adequate sleep.

Getting a healthy amount of sleep and rest aids the body to synthesize the Human Growth Hormone which promotes skin pliancy and thickness. Shortage of sleep an increase in production of cortisol, which ruins epidermis cells by breaking them down. Furthermore, sleeping on your bottom prevents formation of sleep wrinkles and lines.

Don’t squint.

Avoid squinting. But if you have a reading problem then you you need glasses. Incessant facial movements will only overwork your facial muscles which leads to wrinkle formation. Wear sunglasses to keep the eyes from naturally responding to excess daylight through squinting.

Do face yoga.

Toning the facial muscles through exercises like face yoga is essential to help smooth down the forehead wrinkles. They help increase circulation, lower stress and to relax the muscles.

Drink lots of water!

Stay hydrated by upping your water consumption. You can also refresh the skin and keep it hydrated by spritzing the face during the day.


Apply a good moisturising suntan lotion in the morning and a facial cream after dark. Regenerate Multi-Peptide Rejuvenation Cream by Erase Cosmetics is a rich moisturizing cream which works to hydrate your skin while you are asleep. It is packed with forceful naturally occurring ingredients like jojoba oil and shea oil. Regular application will leave your skin smooth and wrinkle free.

Sofia Rodriguez is a beauty writer. She's advaocate of natural methods to combat the perceivable indications of ageing. She is always looking out for the most recent natural effective wrinkle removers and other methods to achieve facelift without surgery.

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