Tea anyone? Garden Party Tea Set from Schylling Toys, the world leader in traditional toys and classic fun, adds beauty and color for your tea party. Invite all your dolls to join in as the hostess serves tea and goodies within the garden. This 15 piece set includes 1 tea pot with lid, 1 serving tray, 4 cups, 4 plates and 4 saucers. All of these pieces are beautifully adorned with sweet garden flowers, honey bees and butterflies. For Ages 3 and above.

My 4 yr old loves this tea set. I wanted a thing that I didn’t need to panic about her breaking and wasn’t the standard boring plastic sets I’ve seen around. She wanted something pretty. This was a perfect fit! Keep in mind, it can be small, and NOT for those who are looking for any bigger sized set. The size is merely right for small hands to use and use. The fun floral design is often a plus along with a must for almost any little princess. Set and pour for any service of four years old!

This set is toddler sized so don’t expect full size cups. The metal is thick with no sharp edges as well as the paint won’t chip off easily. I bought the set for my 2yo and 8yo to have fun with together and they love it. The lid for the tea pot comes off so you can put water inside to assist your child to learn how to pour and gain more small motor skills. The tea pot lid is small so can be lost. If stepped on by a adult the lid might bend but it can be easily fixable I found out after my husband stepped into it. This is the best teapot I have seen thus far this year. The colors are vibrant bad beautiful. If you want something extremely durable try the recycled tea set that amazon sells. It has lasted inside my in-laws sand box for many years through all sorts of weather. This tea set isn’t easily broken but I would not recommend leaving it outside in the sand box.

This set is the best size for 3 to 5 year old to use. My two girls love it, they enjoyed the vibrant colors and also the cute design, the only real complain that they about the set is the fact that everything tastes like metal. I guess it is to be expected since it can be made of Tin nevertheless the taste is merely too strong. So I do recommend the tea set but I don’t recommend letting the kids drink anything from it.

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