What is it about men and sandals? Now there doesn’t seem to be any other part of gents shoes and boots which sets off more debate and polarization amid fashion professionals compared to men’s sandals, whether they are stylish sandals for men or else. Several gentlemen appear fine with the thought of putting on sandals out in community, some people go up to now while combining sandals with socks. Some, nevertheless, avoid said flip flops much like the cause problems for and wouldn’t be found old with them.


So, why the controversy? How might a certain sort of gents shoes produce a big disruption from the push? Properly, one particular hypothesis suggests that lots of issues will go wrong within the ‘men in addition sandals’ equation. Indeed, picking out the ‘wrong’ kind of sandals could very well resulted in departure of a person by their friends. A gentleman’s flip flops can be too feminine, way too informal, way too ‘revealing’ or simply just way too ugly to check out. Whilst the earlier mentioned stumbling blocks are certainly a possible chance, looking good in flip flops is actually significantly doable – delivering your choice of sandal is fashionable to start with obviously.


Regardless, if you’re looking to don a couple of stylish sandals for men for your summer time, take a look at these sandals for guys courtesy of Michael Hockey.




First, in line is Michael Hockey’s GAFFER Sandal. This modern component of boots supplies a clean undertake the traditional flip flops, great for the actual low-conformist males preventing a pedestrian way of life. This set of flip flops shouts an I-don’t-give-a-crap attitude to the standard masses; genuinely restricted to nothing nevertheless the most self-confident of males. Made from patent leather-based as well as combined with high quality elastics, the GAFFER Sandal radiates a assertive and also confident aura.


Handcrafted with sparkle along with an uncompromising determination to quality and style, a REFRACT Sandal is headed regarding success. It appeals to the innermost fashionista present in everyone. Using the REFRACT Sandal isn’t simply enhancing a top quality bit of shoes and boots, that shows that you are currently from the know and an element of the interior circle.




The SUNFLARE Sandal spots the end of our list of stylish sandals for men. As the name implies, the SUNFLARE Sandal is the footwear of choice when it comes to basking under the sun’s radiant glow. Its smooth leather deals with such as a aspiration on your toes, although its leather-based strap will assure these people remain your toes for your enchanting stroll across the soft sandy beachfront.

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