Is your lower back and leg pain getting the best of you? Is it preventing you from doing more things? Has it gotten to the point where the discomfort is not feasibly controlable in the regular ways?

If your answer to one or all of these questions is yes then it is not surprising that you have found your way here. Many individuals suffer with sciatica so it is vital to realise you are not alone in your agony and that many others are in the same position as you. The crucial thing to do is to deal with the problem so you do not start adapting your whole life round the agony; this is a unhealthy approach as when you start doing this you may handle the discomfort better, but long-term you are accepting this discomfort into your life for the imminent future.

What must I do to eradicate the pain?

There are a bunch of effective solutions for sciatica but all will vary in their specfic effectiveness to your special complaint. Because of this it is worth trying several different treatment types to find the one that works provides a solution. To aid fast relief you could find that lying on the floor with your knees up could be helpful, you can play around with different positions so that if you get an episode of increased pain you know what position to get into straight away. Painkillers are the usually prescribed drugs for relief of sciatica; you can also just buy them over the counter in drug stores chemists and other shops. Painkillers will mask the pain but they are not designed to address the cause and they have additional side effects attached with them so be positive to read these before taking them.

Manual treatments are generally the most useful and most used therapy for the handling of sciatica. Practitioners have titles known as Osteopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Massage consultant, Acupuncturist and a lot of others. It is worth checking those near to you, with a high recommendation and reasonable charges as sciatica will generally take at least many sessions to control.

Joshua Moffat is a reconstructive specialist practising at The Atlas Wellness in Bedfordshire. Joshua is a consultant working on helping people get long term solutions from sciatica.

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