Although pros have stated that ebola is spread through close contact with bodily fluids, some individuals claim the risk of ebola virus airborne is real. These folks believe that unless the world does not accept this, they will not do what is a requirement to end the ebola pandemic.

Interviews with transmissible illness specialists have discovered while this is possible it is very improbable. There is not any historic precedent of a virus changing its method of transmission this radically.

Everything which has occurred so far with ebola can be cleared up by individual to individual contact. For the ebola virus airborneit would be to repeat the cells in the lungs and throat.

Secondly, the new method would be required to be so effective that it overcomes genetic costs to the pathogen. The natural hurdles Ebola must fight to become airborne makes airborne transmission unlikely.

Currently, the pathogen attacks the veins in opposition to the breathing system. Even viruses which do attack the respiratory system find it difficult to get through the airways.

A good example of this is bird influenza. Although it is easily spread through the air with birds, it has yet mutated enough to infect humans easily.

If Ebola virus airborne, isn't yet a problem what does it mean. To the average person in the western world not a lot. Infection is rare unless somebody spends time with someone that is already infected. This situation is rare as the few folk who've displayed symptoms have been quarantined.

As far as the gurus go, their time may be better spend studying the virus in its current form. When the virus itself shows signals of mutating enough to become airborne, then it is going to be a problem.

Some people claim that by then it will be too late. Scientists won't have time to find treatments if the virus is spreading that quickly.

This is very true. However , the unlikeliness of this taking place may mean that scientists are wasting time researching on the way to treat ebola when it goes airborne. Currently the great majority of experts accept that this may not ever occur. More lives could be saved by finding a way to treat and contain the virus.

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