Having a espresso with a friend is a great way to spend and relax a bit of time just hanging out and speaking. Now I have a Keurig coffee maker, even though i used to have a French Press, and I still do. If I’m hanging out with someone, i actually like it more, especially. Because I can easily offer them a large variety of coffee, or show them the beans I have. They can have a different flavor than me if they like, and it’s no trouble at all. But now instead of buying the Keurig K-cups at the store, I buy different types of coffee, because I bought one of the reusable k-cups and have been using it to fill with the stuff I have at home.


The best part about a reusable k-cup is that I can throw the grounds out, gently wash the cup, let it dry, and be ready to go the next time and fill it up with coffee beans again. I don’t must spend a fortune any longer getting the k-cups, and I don’t really need to be only bound to the k-cups that are offered on the web or perhaps in stores. If I want to use a certain type of coffee to brew a cup, I can use whatever kind I like. I really really like how using this method, I recieve to grind my legumes fresh and get the most out of the oils and flavor, which become slightly stale and open to o2 when they’re pre-terrain. I could buy bags of ground coffee, but I prefer to buy the whole beans and get that amazing flavor that has no trace of bitterness at all.


Now my buddy and that i be able to clean grind beans and pop them to the reusable k-cup. I always feel good when I use it. That is what’s nice about it too. It can help the earth by lacking to reuse or get rid of plastic-type material but just use a similar compartment more than once more. In between buying natural and organic reasonable business beans and using these eco-warm and friendly cups, I seem like I’m protecting the environment! Even my good friend remarked that it really is a good way to visit natural without the need of making a huge work. If that’s the mood she’s in that day, she also loves the fact that she can come over with unique flavors, like caramel flavored beans, and we can both try them out. At this point I have got an extremely sizeable assortment of beans that we use!


Using my Keurig coffee maker is just as easy as ever, and I don’t have to resort to my French Press if I want a type of coffee that I have anymore. Now I will burst it in the Keurig and have so easy producing encounter, one of many explanations why I bought the Keurig. A reusable k-cup is definitely the ultimate in ease. I know they’re still out there if I want any of the other flavored k-cups. But it’s great using my reusable k-cups right now and that i do not have ideas on preventing soon! The taste is simply way too good.

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